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After working in the Simulation and Training field for 9 years, Magma's President of Engineering, Mr. Marcus Arnfeldt has designed, created, installed, and trained military personal globally on:


Air Traffic Control Simulators

Forward Observer Simulators

Small Arms Trainers

Close Air Support Systems



Marcus has been an integral part of developement, design and installation of:


Air Traffic control (Egyptian Airforce)

Classroom trainer Forward Observer Trainer (Israel IDF)

Group trainer Forward Observer Trainer (Israel IDF)

Classroom trainer Forward Observer Trainer (FOT) UAE Army

Forward Observer and Close Air Support Trainer (FACCAS) UAE Air Force

Forward Observer and Close Air Support Trainer  (Norweigian Air Force)

US Army bases around the world

​3D Graphics


Magma also has developed and created:


2D maps for CGFs (OneSAF, OTBSAF, VRForces)

3D terrain databases houses,rivers,street props, vegitation etc

3D models with at least 3 Level of Detail (LOD), damage states, animation, and articulated parts.




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